BOOX V3.0 Firmware Main New Features on Max Lumi and Note Air

V3.0 Firmware main new features on Max Lumi and Note Air

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Main New Features on Max Lumi and Note Air

System-wide split-screen, layers, and more surprises.

As most students and teachers go back to school in September, this month ought to be the right time for new beginnings. 

BOOX launches two new E Ink tablets with the front light and the open Android 10 OS: the 13.3’’ Max Lumi and the 10.3’’ Note Air. It also employed the up-to-date V3.0 firmware on these two devices, making them more fully-fledged as Android E Ink tablets.

If you can’t wait to become Max Lumi and Note Air users, take a look at what you can get from the fantastic V3.0 firmware. For other BOOX models, you can check out their V3.0 firmware changelogs in this post.

Special Notice

Restore the factory settings will format the storage by default and all stored personal files will be cleared. Please back all files up before restoring the factory settings. 


  1. Support screencast ( It only supports to mirror screens to Win10 computers. Mac PCs are not supported currently)
  2. Split-Screen supports third-party Apps (Apps optimization and screencast are disabled under Split-Screen ) 【Learn More>>】
  3. Add grouping Apps ( this supports bulk management)
  4. The screensaver supports to rotate to horizontal orientation 
  5. Push pictures for Screensaver directly via 
  6. Add Clock Screensaver
  7. Add PushRead【Learn More>>】
  8. The Navigation Ball supports resident buttons which offer quick access to different functions
  9. Add Gallery, which supports picture editing. ( The picture is still opened by NeoReader by default. Please open images with Gallery if you need to edit them) 【Learn More>>】
  10. Add keeping Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Audio active during sleep mode. (This is off by default. Go to System Settings / Power Management to enable it)
  11. Add NeoBrowser
  12. Optimize the second-screen interface (only 13.3" supports this function)
  13. Support Gestures【Learn More>>】


  1. Optimize the look-up interface of Dictionary
  2. Support to select and look up English phrases
  3. Support zooming under PDF scrolling mode  
  4. Optimize PDF sharpening effect
  5. Optimize the layout of highlights and annotations when they are exported to the third-party note-taking Apps. 
  6. Change the upper right corner to quickly add bookmarks using the stylus (this area does not support to turn pages using stylus any more)
  7. Optimize the main menu interfaces
  8. Support third-party dictionary Apps 【Learn More>>】


  1. Add list mode 
  2. Add layers (template layer + 5 custom layers ) .  【Learn More>>】
  3. Add Pencil and marker ( The pencil color is only in black)
  4. Add copy and paste among different notepads (Go to Notes thumbnail view, select and copy to )
  5. Add switch to another notepad within a Notepad (Tap Notepad name and expand the list, then select the notepad you want to switch to)
  6. Optimize the stroke eraser. (The template is no longer covered. The erased content will no longer be displayed after the selection area of lasso tool is moved)
  7. Add Toolbar indicator to full-screen mode of the Notes
  8. Add exit alert ( It is off by default. Go to Notes Settings to enable it. This is to avoid exiting the Notepad by accidental touch).
  9. Add color stroke display effect switch (original color shows non-black on BOOX) 

On September 21–28, you can order Max Lumi and Note Air at the BOOX Shop to save $20 with the early bird price. 

If you’re new to BOOX products, you’re welcome to join our Facebook fans group to learn what the veteran users love about BOOX????. 

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52 comments on “BOOX V3.0 Firmware Main New Features on Max Lumi and Note Air

  1. I’m considering purchasing the Max Lumi, but have a question about 3rd party apps. Is there a handwriting recognition feature for text input in 3rd party apps? For example, I want to open the Google Chrome browser, and then write the URL that is then recognized and entered as text. (This would be similar to the iPad Scribble feature.)

    1. Hi Keegan,

      Unlike iPad, Max Lumi doesn’t offer the “Scribble Anywhere” feature, meaning you cannot write on the URL box or a random place to get recognized texts. But you can write on the writing board of the default keyboard. It will convert your handwriting into texts.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  2. I would like to buy boox max lumi for taking notes.
    Unfortunately there is no option for exporting notes as SVG though this feature has been requested since 2018.
    So your tablet is totally useless for me!!!

    1. Hi Albert,

      Although we haven’t provided the exporting SVG feature in our tablets, we’re working really hard to make it come true. And, hopefully, we’ll make it in the following feature updates. Besides exporting notes as SVG, our versatile Notes app allows you to sketch in different layers with several pen brushes and shades of grey. Also, you can use the shape tools to draw straight lines, rectangles, circles and triangles and then export them as PNGs or PDFs. We’re sorry to hear the exporting feature disappoints you in some way and hope you will enjoy our other features while waiting patiently for our further updates.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  3. Dear Team,
    C I somehow change the format of my notebooks?
    I would like to export to a 4:3 format to create handwritten slides for presentation.

    1. Hi Rasmus,

      Thanks for sharing your idea. Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the note format currently, but we’ve passed on your feature request to our dev team. We’ll get back to you if we get feedback from our developers.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  4. I’ve upgraded my Note 3 to the firmware from 2020-11-10 via settings and my note 3 now crashes every minute or less. Factory reset didn’t help. What can I do? I just bought it, this is so frustrating.

    1. Hi Johannes,

      We’ve received your request and our colleague is processing the issue. We feel sorry that the device crashes have brought you a lot of inconveniences. Our colleague will get back to you with a proper solution.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  5. I just received the Note Air. I see that in the calendar memo, you can email a note from the calendar directly. similar to the RM2. However, I cannot figure out how to simply send a note from the notepad by email directly. It seems you can only do so by exporting and synching to the Boox app. Is this the case? documentation and on line resources for some of the operational tools could be better.

    1. Hi GAM,

      We’ve checked with our Dev team and they replied that the email-sharing feature had already been on their to-do-list. We can not achieve this feature currently, but we’ll strive to make it and more desired features happen. Stay tuned.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

    1. Hi J,

      Pinch-to-zoom is a feature that exists for a long time in our NeoReader. You can enable it in the settings.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

        1. Hi Gertjan,

          Thanks for reaching out. You can enable pinch-to-zoom with the following operations:

          1. Open a book in the NeoReader,
          2. Tap the center of the book or the hamburger (three-line) button of the floating toolbar the call out the top-bar menu,
          3. Tap the button in rightmost of the top-bar menu and tap “Settings,”
          4. Now, you’ve entered the settings of NeoReader. Choose “Other Settings” at the bottom,
          5. Tick the box of “Enable Pinch-to-Zoom” to enable it.

          You’re welcome to reach out to us anytime if there’s any follow-up question.

          Best regards,
          BOOX Team

      1. Hi Stefan,

        Sorry for the incorrect information above. We checked it again and can ensure you that German is supported by BOOX tablets, including the Max Lumi.

        Best regards,
        BOOX Team

  6. Hi Boox Team,

    I am excited to have the Note Air, but wonder if screen sharing is planned to be supported for mac in the near future? That would be a very important feature for online teaching and collaboration.


    1. Hi M,

      Screencasting to Mac requires Air Cast, which is not compatible with Android devices, so it will take time for us to research and make the wireless screencasting work for Mac. However, as Note Air is an E Ink device based on a flexible open Android system, you can use third-party apps or platforms. We recommend you use Anydesk to screencast Note Air to your Mac. Thank you for your support.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  7. hi Boox team,

    I recently purchased the max 3 (2 weeks ago) and am a bit disappointed that I did not wait for the update. I expect that v3 to be ported for my max 3 as well. (1) can you commit that the version 3 will definitely be available for Max 3? also do you have an approximate timeline?

    1. Hi Vikram,

      Firmware update is a way to provide desired features to our users. We understand that, as a BOOX device owner, you want to use the newest functions that we offer to improve your experience. The V3.0 firmware will come to Max3 for sure. However, please bear with us for some time to develop, adjust, and debug the latest firmware to the previous models, so we can make sure every user gets the well-functional features that match their devices.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  8. Great additions to your product line! You guys are amazing! I’ve just received my Max Lumi a couple of days ago and am still getting acquainted with it. Previously, I’ve had Note Pro (and I am so used to its screen size that I’m actually thinking of buying the Air as well).
    I have two questions or, rather, feature requests. I think they will make your excellent products even better from a productivity standpoint.
    The first one is about OneNote sync. My Note Pro would sync notes to OneNote as ‘printouts’ so that they could be immediately visible in OneNote. Max Lumi saves them to OneNote as attached files that need to be opened manually via an external app. I can’t begin to tell you how inconvenient that is! I miss the previous arrangement so much! Could you please bring it back? Please!
    My other question is about importing text from 3rd party apps into the Note app via clipboard cut-and-paste. Currently, for some strange reason, it is not possible. Could you please enable that? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Greg,

      In terms of syncing notes to third-party apps, OneNote only allows the notes to be synced as pdf attachments. You can view their content directly on OneNote and long-press the attachments to choose an app to open them. As far as we know, the notes-to-pdf-attachments conversion is OneNote’s program, upon which we can not do changes. If you claim that the Note Pro can save notes as “printouts” in OneNote while Max Lumi cannot, please send this feedback directly via your device to our tech staff and let them check it thoroughly to find the reason.

      The copy-to-paste issue is most probably because of the clipboard bug. We have registered this problem in the to-do-list and will solve it in the following firmware upgrades. Thanks for your great suggestions, stay tuned to get the latest updates!

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  9. It looks like max Lumi has comparable latency to that of dasung as a second screen, which is significantly lower than max3’s. Will this v3 upgrade improve upon max3’s second screen latency?

    1. Hi Jay,

      The reduced latency of Max Lumi comes with its improved hardware, including the upgraded octa-core processor and advanced storage solutions. The firmware update can fix some system bugs and increase speed in some aspects, but it will not play the most significant role in responsiveness enhancement.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  10. Split screen functionality has been extremely useful on my Max 3. It is great to see that you are expanding it to third-party apps. However, will v3.0 firmware finally support fast app switching for Neoreader and Notes as full-screen apps? Right now the process involves completely exiting Neoreader or Notes then having to select the right file/note, and then do it again to return. Also, neither the Neoreader nor the Note show up in recent apps. I and many users from onyx-international forums have been anxiously waiting for this obvious functionality, hoping that the next firmware release will finally include it.

    1. Hi Zhivchik,

      We can tell you for sure—yes, on Max Lumi and Note Air with V3.0 firmware, you can find NeoReader and Notes App in the recent app interface. As the V3.0 firmware for other models is going through debugging, if everything is going smoothly, the quick app-switching feature will also come to Max3 soon. Stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  11. Hello,
    I am very interested in the Lumi. Could you please be more specific about which apps can work well on the machine, especially in split mode. My productivity tools include Evernote, Dropbox, Mendeley, Grammarly, Trello. Some of those have plugins in the Chrome browser which I use a lot while reading/researching.
    I hope there is a good fit for me on the apps performance side, the product looks amazing!

    1. Hi Jota,

      BOOX tablets, including the Max Lumi, can display a lot of apps properly. However, as some apps are not optimized for the E Ink display, you may find some issues when running them on Max Lumi. You can check out this post on our Medium blog to see what our users think about using third-party apps on BOOX devices.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  12. I just ordered the NOTE AIR. i hope that the device support Hebrew language as an E reader of Hebrew books bought in Israel in Epub or Mobi format, Does it support notes translation if written in Hebrew
    Thank you for your answers

    1. Hi Dov,

      BOOX products do not support Hebrew temporarily, yet our dev team is working hard on this issue. If we made it, then Note Air, Max Lumi and other devices with the V3.0 firmware can display Hebrew correctly in the system and ebooks. If we aren’t able to develop this feature currently, we will try to bring it to the table in future firmware updates. Thanks for your support and suggestion, stay tuned.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  13. Looks amazing, I already bought the Boox Note and then the Boox Note Pro, but this looks even better than them.

    I have a question about Bluetooth audio – I have a BTR5 external DAC which turns ordinary Android devices into very high end HiFi audio devices. . It just needs Bluetooth 5 and a good Bluetooth codec to work. LDAC and AAC which are excellent Bluetooth codecs have been standard on Android for a few years so I think this new Boox Note Air should come with those codecs.
    Is it possible to tell me if the Boox Note Air comes with the LDAC and AAC Bluetooth codecs ?

    Boox Note Air and BTR5 together would make an Awesome combination ! Also an extra selling point for this device.



    1. Hi Mat,

      The hardware of Note Air can support LDAC and AAC Bluetooth codecs while it will take some time to develop the software that enables these codecs. We’ve passed on your request to our dev team. Thanks for your suggestion and great support all the time. Stay tuned for further updates 😀

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

  14. Hi,

    are these new product support any 3th party note taking apps to use without lagging? MsOne note is the most important for me. Is it working on these or it is the same as with Boox Max 3?


    1. Hi Istvan,

      As long as One Note has not been optimized for E Ink display by its developer, it will show latency on any E Ink products.

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

      1. Thanks for the reply. If that is the case, is there any plan to syncronize between MsOne note OR if it not possible at least to release a Windows and android compatible version of Your note taking app? I am very happy with that but using my laptop and my phone for note taking as well it is very inconvenient not having one plattform(Your note taking app) . It is possible to have the note taking app in these environments in the near future?

        1. That sounds like a good feature request!

          Actually, we’ve released an app, BOOX Assistant, for both Android and IOS, so you can sync notes to your mobile. You can also view the synced notes in the cloud at the However, it will take some time to build an ecosystem that allows users to take notes on other devices and sync them to their BOOX tablets. If you would like to expedite the development of that feature, we recommend you send feedback via your BOOX device so that you can reach out to our dev team directly and increase their attention.

          Thanks for your support, Istvan 😀

          1. Is there a limit for syncing notes? I’m getting an error “upload exceeded quota”. I don’t understand

          2. Hi Fab,

            It’s afraid that there’s a bug in the syncing process. Can you please submit logs and feedback in the Settings? So that our tech team can collect your device model, Mac and other essential spec info and reproduce the issue via your log. After they thoroughly examine the issue and find out a solution, they will probably send you an update package to troubleshoot the bug.

            Best regards,
            BOOX Team

  15. I think the note air looks like an awesome price of hardware, and the firmware three with split screen and layers has totally stolen the thunder from the rM2. I have placed my order as soon as I saw the marketing for the note air . Please can we have an in depth guide to notes and pdf mark up in firmware V3.

    Can you make the note air air user manual available pre shipping ?

    Does the glass screen have a Matt texture that will give drawing resistance as well as being anti glare it the same finish as note pro?

    Well done boox …awesome

    1. Hi Mike,

      It sounds that you are new to the BOOX products, and it’s our pleasure to have you as our customer.

      The NeoReader’s split-screen has been a long-time feature on the BOOX E ink tablets, and we’re very happy to know that our users have benefited a lot from it. And layers—We have received this feature request for so many times, and it’s exciting that we finally made it for our users! Hope you also enjoy building up your works on it!

      For the V3.0 firmware, we’re planning several posts to walk you and all the other users through the new features. You’re welcome to stay tuned to our official blog posts or follow us at Medium to catch up with latest updates.

      The digital user manual is usually built in the device, so it will be shipped to you with the Note Air before October 10. As for the screen type, the Note Air has an HD E Ink Carta screen with 227dpi, which is different from the Mobius Flexible Screen of Note Pro.

      Hope the above info help!

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

    1. Hi Tomer,

      Our dev team is trying to make that happen. We will announce it as soon as the update package is ready. Stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      BOOX Team

      1. Hi,
        best regards from a fresh fan of ONYX boox note air. I am more than happy that I found the boox note.
        Perfect, thank you for the great product.
        If it were possible to screen cast on my ipad or Macbook, I`d be even happier!

        1. Hi Frank,

          Note Air is based on Android, so there’s a tech barrier to cast an Android device to an Apple device. However, because Note Air has a significant level of flexibility and supports third-party applications, we suggest you use tools like Anydesk to screencast Note Air to your Apple devices. Thank you for your great support to our brand and product. Have a nice day 🙂

          Best regards,
          BOOX Team

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