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BOOX Nova3 Color


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  • In The Box
  • A 7.8'' color E Ink tablet with a new Kaleido (Kaleido Plus) screen
  • Improved by BOOX original algorithm
  • Showing relaxing and eye-friendly colors
  • Featuring versatile writing, drawing and reading tools
  • Powered by advanced hardware and Android 10 open system
  • In a flush-screen, sleek and practical design


7.8" Eink new Kaleido Screen (Kaleido Plus,4096 colors) with AG glass flat cover-lens

Resolution(Black/White):1404x1872 (300 dpi)

Resolution(Color):468x624  (100 dpi)

Light:Front Light(Cold light)

CPU:Upgraded Octa-core
Memory: 32GB (eMMC)
Touch: Wacom digitizer touch with the stylus (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
Battery: 3150mAh Polymer Li-on

Wireless Connection:
WiFi (802.11b/g/n/ac) 2.4G + 5G
Bluetooth BT 5.0

Expansion Interface: USB Type-C (support OTG)
Button: power, back
Speaker: Yes
Mic: Yes

Height: 197.3 mm
Width:  137 mm
Thickness:  7.7mm
Weight:  265g

OS:  Android 10.0
Documents Formats:  PDF (reflowable), PPT, EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM...
Image Formats:  PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP
Audio Formats: WAV, MP3
APP Store: BOOX Store
Support DRM (3 party apps)

  • BOOX Nova3 Color x1
  • Stylus pen x1
  • USB-C cable x1
  • Screen protector x1
  • Quick start guide x1
  • Warranty card x1

A New Colorful World

Look Relaxing and Wonderful

E Ink New Kaleido Plus screen E Ink Kaleido Screen

Kaleido Plus, The Latest Color ePaper Screen

The new Kaleido, offcially named as Kaleido Plus, is the latest 3rd generation of E Ink’s Color ePaper screen. It can display up to 3 times better color performance than its previous versions. BOOX Nova3 Color with a 7.8inch Kaleido Plus display can show soft 4,096 colors with better saturation and less color shift.

Made Better by BOOX Original Algorithm

With BOOX color algorithm, you can enjoy the most out of the color E Ink screen when doing any task and experience the easy-to-view display.

Deep Refresh

Deep Refresh in the NeoReader

Improved Color Saturation

improved color saturation

Better Brightness

better color brightness

Color Performance under Your Thumb

With BOOX Display Control system, you can effortlessly slide the separate toolbar to make delicate adjustments to the color contrast, saturation and brightness.

adjust color contrast, saturation and brightness in the Display Control mode

Turn Amazing Ideas into Colorful Marks

The colorful note-taking system offers more color and graphic options and new features. You can do things like jot down notes, record the lesson and meeting for audio playback, search hand-writing notes, jump to the key points directly and convert all the texts into typed notes.

Create Masterworks on Flexible Canvas

Release your creativity in BOOX Notes app. The horizontal canvas and various colors and layers are excellent tools to help you create artistic works. You can also customize your drawing's size, disable palm recognition and use the lasso to move patterns. Then meticulously color your sketches with the stylus with 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

custom canvas size
colorful pencil brushes and layers
lasso and palm rejection in the tools

Sync and View on Any End

Creating vivid works is just a beginning. You can sync your notes and doodles in the background, then view them anytime on mobile and PC.

sync notes in the background and view them in smartphone or PC
ePub display in their original formats

Make Key Points More Remarkable

Paired with the re-newed engine made specifically for ePub files, NeoReader becomes the best place to view original ePub styles. Read charts with figures highlighted in red, mark up texts and pics with colors, and annotate key points in more creative ways. You can also open PPT, MOBI, CBR, CBZ, PDF and more formats in this color e-reader.

Catch More Magical Details

With the 7.8inch screen enhanced by BOOX algorithm, Nova3 Color can show more vibrant details. Turn on front lights, and open colorful comics, mangas and picture books. The advanced CPU and WIFI 2.4G+5G will load pages and transfer data smoothly. Your adventure starts with this color ebook reader and can last for days thanks to the large battery capacity.

read comics and manga in the NeoReader or third-party apps

Your Work Station on the Go

Bring the lightweight Nova3 Color and kick off your work anywhere with the features and apps you need. With ample storage of 3G+32G, loads of built-in and third-party apps and a writing stylus, you’re all set for a prolific day.

all kinds of third-party and built-in apps in the Nova3 Color
all kinds of third-party and built-in apps in the Nova3 Color
all kinds of third-party and built-in apps in the Nova3 Color

Share Books, Notes and Files Directly

Tap the Share button, and choose a destination: Bluetooth, Email or other third-party apps. Nova3 Color with the improved system makes sharing easy as a breeze.

Share Books, Notes and Files Directly

Tap the Share button, and choose a destination: Bluetooth, Email or other third-party apps. Nova3 Color with the improved system makes sharing easy as a breeze.

share files, books, and notes directly via email

Let's Recap What You Get with Nova3 Color

  • 7.8inch E Ink New Kaleido Display

    With the latest E Ink color e-paper screen, Kaleido Plus, Nova3 Color can show relaxing 4,096 hues in a better saturation and brightness.

  • BOOX Original Algorithm

    Powered by BOOX's algorithm, Nova3 Color shows brighter colors with less ghosting. Moreover, you can adjust the colors in Display Control to match your preference.

  • Powerful Note-taking and Drawing System

    The improved Notes app offers a recorder, 16 colors, 5 brushes, 8 graphs with 7 border styles, customizable canvas, layers and more. It's made for creativity and creative people like you.

  • Enhanced Reading System

    NeoReader is specifically enhanced to show original ePub styles. You can read colorful charts and annotate with more tools. Open more file formats. And use OCR 5 times a day for free without login and 10 times a day with logging into Onyx account.

  • Latest BOOX Firmware

    The latest BOOX firmware combined with Nova3 Color's hardware and software makes it more intuitive and convenient to use the device.

  • Industry-leading Hardware

    Thanks to the powerful octa-core CPU, speaker, mic and adjustable front lights, you can load things faster, listen to audios, record speeches and read books in any light.

  • Ample Storage and Battery

    With 3GB+32GB storage and a 3150mAh battery, Nova3 can hold thousands of books, notes, files and lasts for weeks in standby mode on just one charge.

  • Android 10 Flexible System

    Besides using the handy default apps developed for BOOX devices, you can install third-party apps with the Google Play Store. Use Google Drive to access cloud files or open Webtoon to read comics; it's all up to you.

  • Advanced Syncing Service

    Now you can sync notes and drawings in the background. And then view them in the computers ( and smartphones (BOOX Assistant.)

  • Multiple Convenient Data Transfer Ways

    Transfer books, pictures and web articles wirelessly with just a click. You can also connect Nova3 Color to PC via USB-Type C cable to transfer data.

Frequently Asked Questions

E-Ink screen is referred as “Electronic Paper Display.” It is a display technology that looks like paper with high visibility and contrast. It contains millions of black and white microcapsules and uses a positive or negative electric field to move them to the top. So they can form different texts and images visible to readers. E ink screen reflects the ambient light to viewer’s eyes to show better contrast in the sunlight. It doesn’t emit light or blue light.
Print Color ePaper, or E Ink Kaleido™, is one of E Ink Color Technologies. An E Ink Kaleido screen is based on a black&white E Ink screen, but it applies a Color Filter layer consisting of RGB regular pattern on the top. The new printed Color Filter Array (CFA) technology can reflect light in different colors.

Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP™) is a high quality, full-color reflective display. In the ACeP™ system, the ink consisting of colored pigments can produce full color at every pixel to achieve a full-color gamut. It doesn’t require a color filter array (CFA) as Kaleido does. However, ACeP™ can only support a low refresh rate currently. It is mainly used on digital signages, public information boards, menu boards and galleries.

New Kaleido, offically named as Kaleido Plus, is the latest version (3rd generation) of the Kaleido technology. It uses a CFA (Color Filter Array) in a different printing color pattern, balancing color and printing texture up to three times better than the previous version.

The updated Kaleido screen, Kaleido Plus, uses a different printing color pattern to balance color and printing texture. Its color performance is up to 3 times better than Kaleido. Besides, the new image rendering allows for crisper text. The new panel has an optimized color spectrum and minimized color blending from scattered light by using front lights and guides. The new Kaleido also increases the viewable angle by 60° to offer a 120° viewing angle. All these improvements contribute to a better color and reading experience with the 7.8″ Kaleido Plus.

Onyx BOOX Nova3 Color uses a 7.8inch new Kaleido (Kaleido Plus) screen.

Currently, E Ink only develops 7.8inch screens using the new Kaleido (Kaleido Plus) technology. And we’re the first brand that applies it on a digital writing tablet with Wacom layer that offers versatile reading and multitasking features.

The resolution of colors is 100 dpi, while the resolution of black and white content is 300 dpi.
BOOX Nova3 Color can display 4,096 (16*16*16) different hues in total.
In the previous color epaper generation, color is much more washed-out. Based on the latest Kaleido Plus screen, we improve color brightness and saturation especially for the color E Ink display. Also, we initially create the Display Control mode for color eReaders and digital color tablets. Users can control the color contrast, saturation and brightness separately to reach a favorable display effect.
Nova3 Color uses an electronic epaper screen that doesn’t emit light or blue light. Also, Nova3 Color uses photobiological safety lights as front lights placed in front of the E Ink screen and under the bezel. They light up the screen but don’t shoot into users’ eyes directly. When users use Nova3 Color for a long time for reading or note-taking, they won’t feel much eye strain as they do with LED/LCD screens.

Nova3 Color can last for 40 days on standby mode with neither internet and WIFI connection nor front lights.

What's in the box?